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I recently saw a diagram which I thought was spectacular showing how risk factors influence 

Non Communicable Diseases. In other words, chronic diseases that are in for the long haul 

and slowly progress.


I want to share it. In particular I want to share it with those who are bullet proof and to those 

who want to or are ready to make small changes to eventually make a big change to their 

life. So I have decided to show you via a recipe.


Risk factor Cocktail:


Take your age and your gender – this can be ice cubes (add more for the years that you 

have celebrated)

Add your family genetics – this can be a sprig or two of mint

Generously pour in Lifestyle Behaviours –

•    Lack of activity

•    Alcohol

•    Tobacco

•    Diet lacking of vegetables and fruits


You can call this cocktail many things to begin with: High Blood Pressure or Obesity or 

Raised Blood Sugars or Raised Cholesterol – your Doctor will call it something eventually.

It could be: Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic obstructive airways disease or cancer. 

These are all responsible for well over 60% of deaths of which; half are under 70 years of 

age and half of them are women.


You are free to choose what goes into your cocktail, maybe you might make it a Risk Free