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Pelvic Floor Health

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Did you know that:


1 in 3 women who have had a baby wet themselves and that women who are menopausal and post menopausal are at risk whether they have had a baby or not. 


Vicki can help you improve your bladder control, increase your sexual sensation and increase your social confidence and quality of life. 



Do you accidentally leak urine when you exercise, sneeze, play sport, cough, dance or laugh?

Do you need to go to the toilet in a hurry and maybe not make it on time? 

Do you go to the toilet before you go to bed at night and then go again just to be sure? 

Do you have poor sensation or leak urine during sex? 

Do you need to constantly go to the toilet? 




These are some commons signs and symptoms of some people who experience pelvic floor

problems.Vicki can help you with further information about your pelvic floor including how

to identify and exercise these muscles correctly. 



Every woman should feel that they can participate in an exercise program no matter what level of fitness they are at. What an amazing feeling to be able to exercise without worries of leakage or prolapse and feel fit, healthy and alive! That is what having a quality life is all about! Ensuring that your pelvic floor is safe and strong to support your bladder and bowel..

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