Men's Health

OVER 40?



Did you know it is recommended that all men visit their GP once a year for their W.O.F? That is, their annual well man check.


Why? Prevention is better than the cure! If you go yearly, your GP has a good reference point as to where you are with your health and health needs. This helps catch any issues early such as heart disease, strokes, depression, diabetes, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

If you have any family history of these, it is important that you tell your health care professional. If you are not sure – find out!



When you see your GP/Nurse, ask for the information to be written down so you are proactive with your own health care.


Knowing your numbers:

Important numbers to know alongside your credit card pin  

 number!  Do you know your Blood Pressure measurement reading? And is it within the healthy range?


Also, do you know your cholesterol numbers? Do you know what they mean and how

they are important to you?   Knowing your numbers is a great preventative measure

 against the likes of having a stroke or heart attack.  or 


Stop smoking with support Within a year of stopping smoking you will halve your risk of heart disease. Pretty impressive huh! If you haven’t had a cigarette for about 10 years or so you will be at the same risk as a non-smoker! Even more impressive!


Testicular Checks:

Testicular Cancer is more common in young men between the ages of 15 and 35 years old. Having said that, please keep on checking after 35 years of age!  A Testicular self-exam should be on the monthly to-do-list! A smooth, firm egg shape is the feeling that you are after. Anything out of the ordinary should be checked out by your GP.


Have your teenager talk to someone whom he can relate to well or his GP so that he is aware of the importance of checking his testicles.


WARNING: This video contains images of nudity in a medical context or 


Prostate Checks:

1 in 10 men will get prostate cancer. This can be treated and cured, if

diagnosed early. The overall risk from dying is 3 percent, again if caught early. Your

prostate should be checked by your GP during your well man annual check,

especially if you are over 40 years of age and/or have a family history of prostate

cancer. or


When you have prostate surgery, some might experience incontinence. If this

is an issue for you, an option could be after ConfiTEX underwear for light and

moderate leakage.


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The New Zealand Continence Association has many resources available also for

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Exercise and Nutrition:

Exercising on a regular basis will help you with your overall wellbeing. Also important is eating a nutritious well balanced diet and having an adequate intake of water.