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“If my body is on the beach - then it is ready!”



The countdown to the end of Winter is on and Spring is peeking around the corner. Here come the longer days! Doing more activity! Spending time with the kids outside! Less layers required!


There was a poster advertising protein powder recently in the UK and now in the USA that showed a picture of a woman in a bikini with the statement – “Are you Beach Body Ready?” There has been public outcry – claiming that it was suggesting that women have to be slim before they wear a bikini, therefore undermining body confidence. You may have seen it on Facebook beach body ready, I love one of the defacements: “If my body is on the beach - then it is ready!”


Initially it may be a toned body and fat loss that potential clients want before they have their first consult with me. That is, until they fill out a health and lifestyle questionnaire and see the other goals to choose from as their priorities for best overall possible results. I can almost guarantee that given choices of what they want to achieve are: overall wellness, increased energy levels and then flexibility and toned body come in closely together (usually in this order).


So, knowing that you want to feel good, be healthy and be active for your own sake and family’s sake too, how do you achieve what you want to achieve?


First you need to decide what it is that you want to achieve. Is it to fit into the pair of pants that you wore before pregnancy? Is it that you want to feel comfortable playing with the kids outside? Or is it that you want to feel fit again to bike around your local park?


  • Set yourself your GOAL you want to achieve. Let’s say it is to fit into your pair of pre-pregnancy pants. I can reassure you, there is no place for scales here. The result is how you feel!
  • Next - give yourself a time frame that you want to achieve this. Be Realistic!
  • Now, break the goal down into achievable chunks: Name it: for example, “EASE INTO IT!” Chunk it down into something that is attainable. For instance, break a monthly chunk into weeks. These chunks become your smaller more attainable goals.


It may look a bit like this: 


In Week 1: “My aim is to eat a good breakfast every morning, sitting down with the children to eat it and walk 20 mins every 2nd day”.


Week 2: “I will start incorporating more fruit and vegetables into every meal (as well as keeping week one going) and walk a bit further every 2nd day”. I may even practice mindfulness.


Week 3: (keeping week 1 and 2) “I will play with the kids in the afternoon playing ball outside (yup, rug up!) for 20 mins and increase my water intake”. Your kids will love you for it! Mum time! (Only have a baby? Get down on the floor and play too. Do some exercise next to them that suits your post-natal condition(s). Check out this great android app for guidance and support water your body.


Week 4: (keep weeks 1,2 and 3) “I will increase good fats into each meal to help me feel fuller for longer” – try half an avocado, a tablespoon of good olive oil, a small handful of nuts like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seed and olives for example. “I will try a resistance programme to help me with flexibility, strength and balance with the added bonus of toning my body”.


FANTASTIC! You have just achieved “EASE INTO IT” month! What are you going to achieve  with your  next month’s goals?