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 Fresh Start, Fresh Lingerie!


There is a bootcamp or a group fitness of some kind begging to be challenged by you, that will assist you to your 2017 goals, somewhere near you!


The Trouble is you are not too sure what to do with yourself because you have a wee issue with “down there” when you do exercise!


Who do you relate to? And…. what is your deal breaker?


Linda* is 45 years old and has 2 teenage boys. For most of her life, since having the kids, she wets herself when she sneezes, coughs and runs or jumps. It catches her off guard all the time! So, she wears pads every day for just in case! She wants to exercise but feels too embarrassed that the pad won’t hold everything! She worries that she is going to end up like her mother who wears a “diaper” and can be a “bit whiffy” in summer.


Marie* is 56 years old and exercises at group classes to help with the thickening of the waist she is experiencing since menopause. She has noticed lately that when she squats down it feels like a small water balloon is coming out to meet her underwear and it feels uncomfortable down below.  Her back aches a lot especially in the evening.


Janet* is 35 and has had 3 children. Lately, she has noticed that the leakage of urine has gotten worse over the years when exercising, to the point it is not just with exercise, it is with some everyday movements! She has also noticed now and then that she leaks a bit from her back passage on certain movements. She is annoyed because her lovely lingerie needs to have a pad in them now. It can be a bit of deal breaker for her when it comes to intimacy.


I once experienced a little bit of each of these women’s issues. I remember one day being absolutely mortified when I wet myself quite considerably, whilst doing a  sack race at my children’s athletic day! Luckily, I had a cardigan with me to put around my waist that day!


So, what can you do to get back on the exercise bus and feel secure and confident being active?


Start exercising your pelvic floor muscles today!


  • Lie down on your back on the floor with your knees up and feet flat on the floor.
  • It is an internal lifting feeling. You want to lift up and forwards.
  • So, how do you feel this?
  • Relax your abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
  • Now lift your back passage or your tail bone up towards your pubic bone and hold for 1-3 seconds (remember this is an internal exercise).
  • Then relax for 1-3 seconds and repeat 3-5 times working your way up to 10 times. It is about quality, not quantity.
  • Do these 2-3 times a day.


Engage with a Personal Trainer who is REPS registered and trained in pelvic floor health


  • Who can show you the ropes of how to exercise with pelvic floor safe exercise (without putting your pelvic floor muscles at risk) and not have leakage!
  • And yet still have great fitness, health, and wellness outcomes!
  • Most women do pelvic floor exercises when they remember, but not sure if they are doing them right.


Do Low impact/intensity exercise









Talk to your health professional or a pelvic floor health/women’s physiotherapist.


Vicki is a REPs Registered Award Winning Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Nursing and a Post Grad. Dip. in Primary Health Care in the Community Setting.


She offers women one-on-one training so that they can get on with everyday activities and exercise without leakage or putting their pelvic floor at risk. She also has an Award Winning online programme that women can do in the comfort and privacy of their home.


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*Names have been changed