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Would you build a house without good foundations?


Certainly here in Christchurch you would not! Actually, it would be wise when building anywhere to seek solace in the building requirements that have come about because of the earthquakes experienced by all in Christchurch, Canterbury and some further afield.I compare the importance of building a house on good foundations to the absolute essential importance of having strong pelvic floor muscles.


Without good foundations the house will start to deteriorate and everything inside the house will begin to subside…… eventually! Sometime it will occur a lot quicker if given the opportunity (like an earthquake or even a tremor).


Foundations are deep in the ground supporting and stabilising the house. You can’t see them. You can’t see your pelvic floor muscles either (unless you use an ultrasound). Your pelvic floor muscles need attention just the same as a house requiring good maintenance. Failing to assist it doing its job properly can result in in-house issues.

With the right kind of knowledge you can easily help the muscles to be toned so that they can:

  • support the bladder, the uterus (womb) and the rectum (back passage).
  • assist in the functioning of the bladder and the bowel so that we stay dry.
  • help to facilitate the birth process.
  • enhance sexual arousal and function.
  • also help to stabilise the joints, the pelvis and the spine.


By investing in your pelvic floor muscles you will feel confident in not only yourself but you will also feel confident in your fitness and health, sexuality and in your overall wellbeing.By optimising your day-to-day functioning you will enjoy your life. Even if you have pelvic floor dysfunction now or are at risk of pelvic floor issues, you have the ability to improve and/or maintain your life.


Why wait for your body to askew….. eventually…..


At Gratitude Fitness you will learn how to engage in your pelvic floor muscles so that you will have great posture, be able to participate in activities comfortably and keep up your fitness, flexibility, strength and overall wellness. Vicki is a Registered Nurse and a Personal Trainer which reflects in a thorough assessment and pelvic floor safe exercise programme designed for you. She collaborates with a women’s health/pelvic floor physiotherapist. They have had wonderful successes in helping women improve their pelvic floor dysfunctions so that they have the knowledge and opportunities that they have done everything possible for themselves and their wellbeing.


Looking back on my own personal experience of having pelvic floor dysfunction, I would have loved to have had been given these opportunities of having a good pelvic floor foundation.


How are you going to invest in your pelvic floor health and look after your foundations?



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