8-Week Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Programme

Vicki is a Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse who specialises in pelvic floor safe exercises

She noticed that there were many women who were in her gym classes who would leave just after the warm up or in the middle of classes after a high impact set to go to the toilet. She was also one of them at one stage of her life!


She decided enough was enough and that all women should feel confident in doing exercise. So she designed an 8-week pelvic floor safe exercise programme to help improve or maintain fitness, health and wellbeing.


At her studio you will experience weekly 1-on-1 Professional Personal Training especially designed just for you based on a thorough assessment and consultation (from 32 years of nursing skills) to help you attain your goals.


You will also receive a weekly programme to use at home so that you can continue doing what you have learnt.*


This is great for all women; those who have had a baby recently, women going through menopause, those who want their body back and for those who are experiencing pelvic floor issues:

  • Leaking when sneezing, lifting, coughing, laugh or engage in activity
  • Unable to control their bladder or bowel
  • Have a sense of urgency to go to the toilet and may barely make it in time to the toilet
  • Have an uncomfortable bulging / sensation in your vulva area
  • Wear a pad for just in case
  • Have had previous pelvic floor surgery


You will increase your energy levels, tone your body, gain strength, flexibility and balance, to succeed in having a wonderful feeling of overall wellness. At the same time you will learn how to do pelvic floor exercises and create a life time habit to strengthen and protect your pelvic floor muscles – something that all women at any stage of life should be doing.


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*Vicki is offering you this 8-week Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Programme at a Special Price of $497. This is based on you having 45 minutes of Professional Personal Training and a weekly programme to use at home especially designed for you over 8 weeks. This programme is worth $700 ($87 per session).






Pelvic Floor Safe

Exercise Programme


If you are unable to come into her Christchurch based studio ....Vicki has thought of you! 


Due to popular demand of Vicki’s expertise and time throughout New Zealand and overseas, she has made an online video series available for all to access and feel alive! 


Click here for a FREE short video about the online 8-week pelvic floor safe exercise programme. The online videos can easily be accessed in the privacy of your own home, hotel or anywhere at any time of day that suits you. 


Normally this 1-on-1 Personal Training programme with Vicki would cost you up to $700. The online 8-week Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Programme has three payment options starting as low as $97. 


This programme will help you to take back control and regain your quality of life!