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This morning I went for a walk with my husband around our lovely Hagley park. We are feeling energised with this summer weather we are currently having.

We are also feeling a wee bit smug with ourselves that we are finding the time to do this together. Finding time out of our busy schedule. This year I have decided to block it into my diary and be accountable to myself, even in the weekends.


How will you find some time?


1. Commit to blocking time out in your weekly diary. I do this on Sunday evening preparing for the week. I treat it like a client – it will not be moved. I have dedicated this time for this client – ME!


2. Chunk your daily activity. Get up from your desk every half an hour (set an app. on your phone or computer) and move! Go get some water – ahhhh – another mission accomplished with increasing your hydration levels! Do a few stretches away from your desk – get the blood flowing around your body, especially your digestive system.


3. Yup! Take the stairs. The stairs will work on your body (in all the right places) and increase “feeling good” endorphins to invigorate and stimulate you and your work productivity.